Albania towards NATURA 2000

Albania lies across two bio-geographical regions, the Alpine and the Mediterranean, and encompasses four eco-regions: the Illyrian deciduous forests, the Pindus Mountains mixed forests, the Balkan mixed forests and the Dinaric Mountains mixed forests. To protect its rich biodiversity and valuable natural resources the Albanian government has protected 16% of its territory. At present 56 protected areas exist in the country covering range of IUCN categories.

Nevertheless the Albanian system of protected areas is facing challenges, posed by the low level of investments in the infrastructure of protected areas, lack of equipment and the need for increase of technical capacities of the protected areas’ managers. As other developing countries, Albania is confronting a fast development. New roads and infrastructures, dams, hydro power plants, oil reservoirs and mass tourism infrastructure are meant to increase the economy of the country, whilst posing a serious threat to environmental protection.

To help address these issues, the project NaturAL will invest in protected areas and initiate process of establishment of Natura 2000 network. Strengthening the national capacity in biodiversity conservation, the project NaturAL will improve the knowledge and experience in protected areas planning and management, promote partnerships among national, regional and international organisations, build linkages among research institutions, share experience and promote education and awareness raising of the general public, eco-tourism development, and branding of local products.

Latest news

November 9, 2018

A new Training Center in Kukës

 A newly renovated training center at the Regional Administration of Protected Areas premises in Kukës now welcomes environment experts, officials, young people passionate about nature and Korab – Korritnik Managed Nature Reserve and school children.  It was inaugurated on November 9th 2018 among representatives of local communities, NGOs, NAPA, RAPAs, Ministry of Tourism and Environment and NaturAl project. The rehabilitation of the offices...

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September 18, 2018


Fourteen newly appointed Communication officers from Regional Administrations of Protected Areas (RAPA COs) in Albania received the certificate after successfully completing the training programme on “Professional development programme for RAPAs” supported by the EU funded project NaturAL in partnership with the National Agency of Protected Areas of Albania. RAPA’s CO were trained on communication principles, interviewing, presentations...

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July 31, 2018

Albania stands with the World’s Rangers!

World Rangers Day 2018 was celebrated on 31 July in a special event organized at the Great Park of Tirana with the participation of rangers and their counterparts from Swiss and Croatian Rangers Associations and National Agency of Protected Areas staff with the support of EU funded project NaturAl. The Albanian rangers, guards of Albanian protected areas, celebrated on this day their first victory announced at the event by the Minister of Tourism and Environment...

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