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July 31, 2018
Albania stands with the World’s Rangers!

World Rangers Day 2018 was celebrated on 31 July in a special event organized at the Great Park of Tirana with the participation of rangers and their counterparts from Swiss and Croatian Rangers Associations and National Agency of Protected Areas staff with the support of EU funded project NaturAl.

The Albanian rangers, guards of Albanian protected areas, celebrated on this day their first victory announced at the event by the Minister of Tourism and Environment Mr. Blendi Klosi in his greeting remarks. “We won our first battle for preserving the nature. The Albanian Administrative Court decided in our favor, to annul the contract for the construction of two hydro power plants in Osumi Canyons, thus protecting the natural heritage in that area”, said Minister Klosi.

Minister Klosi praised the efforts rangers put in the protection and preservation of our natural heritage and echoed their important role in raising awareness on nature protection among citizens.

The event also celebrated the first Junior Ranger Programme implemented in Albania with NaturAl project support. Only during this year, 109 youngsters joined the program serving as multipliers of rangers work. The staff of Regional Administrations for Protected Areas shared their experiences from this programme aiming at raising awareness among young generations and educating future protectors of Albania’s natural beauties. At the end of the event, Minister Klosi gave certificates to the young rangers who completed successfully this programme.

During the official part of the discussions Mr. Genci Kacori, Chair of Albanian National Parks Association presented the achievements of the first year of the association’s establishment and challenges that lie ahead, focusing on increasing rangers’ capacities, through the implementation of twinning projects with their counterparts in Europe.

Mr. Niklas Gӧth from Swiss Rangers Association and Mr. Branko Štivić from Croatian Ranger Association shared their experiences on ranger’s work and the need for reinforcing their status. All the present held one minute silence to commemorate those rangers all over the world who have sadly paid the ultimate price, losing their lives, at the forefront of conservation.

To see photos from the event go to Gallery.

Latest news

November 9, 2018

A new Training Center in Kukës

 A newly renovated training center at the Regional Administration of Protected Areas premises in Kukës now welcomes environment experts, officials, young people passionate about nature and Korab – Korritnik Managed Nature Reserve and school children.  It was inaugurated on November 9th 2018 among representatives of local communities, NGOs, NAPA, RAPAs, Ministry of Tourism and Environment and NaturAl project. The rehabilitation of the offices...

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September 18, 2018


Fourteen newly appointed Communication officers from Regional Administrations of Protected Areas (RAPA COs) in Albania received the certificate after successfully completing the training programme on “Professional development programme for RAPAs” supported by the EU funded project NaturAL in partnership with the National Agency of Protected Areas of Albania. RAPA’s CO were trained on communication principles, interviewing, presentations...

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June 18, 2018

Divjaka-Karavasta New Visitor Centre - inviting people to enjoy nature

The new visitor centre was opened on June 18th 2018 in Divjaka-Karavasta National Park welcoming the local community, national and international travellers, civil society organisations, representatives of the local institutions, National Agency of Protected Areas (NAPA), EU Delegation to Albania and the media in an official ceremony. The representative of the EU Delegation to Albania at the ceremony, Mr. Sylvain Gambert Team Leader, Political, Economic and...

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May 29, 2018

Green Steps Magazine

The last issue of the Green Steps Magazine is published, for now! Prepared by Artenisa Peçulaj and Erald Xeka, with the support of NaturAL, this magazine aims to shape the attitude of new generations in Albania and (re)connect them with nature by inspiring love and explaining the environmental issues. In this issue discover… … the Balkan Lynx and Gentiana lutea … Korab-Koritnik Nature Park … who is Prof. Niko...

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May 21, 2018

Celebrating Nature Heritage

May is the month of celebrating nature! This year, the National Agency of Protected Areas of Albania (NAPA) is celebrating the 10th anniversary of the National Park Shebenik – Jabllanicë, with the support of EU funded Project NaturAl. Three days (18-20 May, 2018) full of activities celebrated the natural heritage of the Park, where the largest wild cat in Europe, the Balkan Lynx, roams. “NP of Shebenik – Jabllanicë is one of the few...

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May 9, 2018

Protected Areas of Albania part of EU Day celebrations

Tirana’s Skanderbeg square was transformed in the Europe masterpiece on 9 May, where EU Member States’ embassies and EU funded projects in Albania joined the EU Village celebrating the Europe Day. Albanian Protected Areas were part of this event supported by NaturAl project. The staff of Regional Agency of Protected Areas (RAPA) from Elbasan and Tirana joined the tent of NaturAl project, to promote the values and rich biodiversity of Albania and...

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